Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Die Drachenhexe

 Dieser Charakter ist die Figur eines Fantasyrollenspiels, welches ich gerade mit meiner Partnerin spiel. Zum Valentinstag bekommt sie nun dieses Bild ihres sexy Avatars. Mal sehen, was ich bekomme. Vielleicht schreibe ich ja auch mal eine Geschichte dazu. Was meint ihr dazu?


  1. Das schaut gut aus :) Da muss unbedingt eine Geschichte dazu kommen!

  2. ne Hexe, welche dich verzaubert und dann vernascht, wäre nicht schlecht.
    Musst unbedingt darüber berichten

  3. Klasse Bild. Und eine Geschichte dazu? Na klar, bisher habe ich noch keine schlechte hier gelesen! Also ich würde mich darüber freuen! Gruß aus Franken!

  4. You have a nice blog but that so nice all is in german... There is a lot of greats pics but I can't understand anything... That you who drew all these pics here or just make stories ?

    1. Hello Rosalina x Girl,

      thank you for liking my pics. Yes, the drawings are all down by my self. Sorry, that the storys are in german, but my english is to bad, to translate them in a proper way myself.


      ps: your blog is very nice too ;)

    2. I understand what you mean, I have a friend who write stories in french and it's so hard to translate them... But for a blog in german you really have a lot of views, your blog must be amazing...

      Thanks for the coment about my blog, I'm glad you like it ad if maybe you have soe interest to participte at the project it must be awesome... Though not really interesting for you... T_T

    3. Thank you for your nice words. You are right, its not easy to get so many viewers as a german blog. But I try my best.

      I guess my skills in drawing mangas are to bad, for your project.

    4. And finally I think you are pretty happy with the result, you are now really close to 1.000.000 views, it will be epic... °w°
      Arf, so bad you are not interested to Rosalina but sincerely she's not a manga girl and you haven't the obligation to draw with this style... It's your choice after all, good luck for your blog.... ^^

  5. Eine geile Tuss der man(n) zeigen sollte wo sie hingehört